IRB members make decisions on refugee claims before the Refugee Protection Division (RPD), refugee appeals before the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), admissibility hearings and detention reviews before the Immigration Division (ID), and immigration appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Members are independent in their decision-making.

Member decisions have a direct impact on the lives of the persons appearing before them and the integrity of Canada’s immigration and refugee programs. The IRB is committed to ensuring that those appearing before the tribunal receive a fair, impartial and professional hearing. Members’ decisions reflect many different factors, including the law, the merits of the case and the credibility of the person concerned in the case, as well as the safety and security of Canada.

Member conduct

Members are bound by a Code of Conduct to ensure they uphold the highest standards of professional conduct. If you believe that a member has breached these standards you are encouraged to submit a complaint. Please refer to our Procedures for Making a Complaint about a Member for additional information.

Expectations of IRB Members:

  • All Members must go through extensive training and orientation before they can begin hearing cases. This training includes a strong emphasis on professional, fair and ethical conduct.
  • In all cases members are expected to:
    • Act honestly and in good faith, in a professional and ethical manner.
    • Conduct hearings in a courteous and respectful manner while ensuring that the proceedings are fair, orderly and efficient.
    • Conduct themselves with integrity and avoid impropriety.
    • Demonstrate a commitment to the values of honesty, good faith, fairness, accountability, dignity, respect, transparency, openness, discretion, cultural sensitivity and loyalty.

Becoming an IRB Member

Becoming an IRB Member can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful careers in the Government of Canada.

To become a member, visit the Governor in Council Appointments or the Public Service Members poster.