Immigration Division: Practice Notice on the submission of documents to the Immigration Division

​​The purpose of this Practice Notice is to communicate the methods of submission of documents accepted by the Immigration Division (ID).


The ID is committed to taking steps as required to protect the health and safety of all hearing participants, including using methods of submission of documents that ensure quick and efficient processing while respecting public health recommendations.

Submission of documents

The ID strongly encourages the use of email or fax to communicate with the Division. Please refer to the Practice Notice issued by the ID on April 7, 2020, for further information including instructions on document formatting and size limits. Documents can also be submitted by means of the My Case portal or in person at Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) offices.

Increase of 20-page limit to 50-page limit for providing documents by fax

ID Rule 29(d) provides that documents longer than 20 pages must not be provided by fax, unless the recipient consents to receiving more than 20 pages. Until further notice, documents up to 50 pages ​may be provided by fax without obtaining prior consent.

How to get help

If you have questions on submission of documents, please contact the ID registry in your region.

ID registry email addresses

Please use the appropriate email address below when communicating by email with the ID.

ID Western Region (ID file numbers starting with 0001-)

ID Central Region (ID file numbers starting with 0003-)

ID Eastern Region (ID file numbers starting with 0018-)

ID registry fax numbers

ID Western Region: 604-666-7082

ID Central Region: 416-744-4274

ID Eastern Region: 514-496-2252

More information to be posted on the IRB website

The ID will monitor the measures set out in this Practice N​otice and may amend the notice, as necessary.

In addition, further notices regarding health and safety protocols and other information may be posted on the IRB website.

Therefore, it is important for parties to check the IRB website regularly.

Signed January 25, 2021

Amended November 18, 2022​

Greg Kipling
Deputy Chairperson, ID