Policy Note: Notice of Revocation of Jurisprudential Guide – India

On July 18, 2017, pursuant to s. 159(1)(h) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Policy on the Use of Jurisprudential Guides (Policy 2003-01, as amended on December 1, 2016), and following consultation with the Deputy Chairpersons of the Refugee Protection Division and the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada's Chairperson identified the following decision of the RAD as a Jurisprudential Guide:

  • Decision MB6-01059/60, O'Connor, February 6, 2017.
    Scope: Internal flight alternative in India for claimants from Punjab

The decision concludes that, based on the documentary evidence available at the time, an internal flight alternative is available to the appellants in question. The decision was identified as a Jurisprudential Guide because it offers sound analysis of the legal and factual issues raised and as such, would assist other panels dealing with similar cases.

As a result of developments in the country of origin information related to the India Jurisprudential Guide, such as information on connectivity between police databases across India, the value of the decision as a Jurisprudential Guide is diminished. Accordingly, as of 30 November, 2018, the identification of decision MB6-01059/60 as a Jurisprudential Guide is revoked.

Richard Wex
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada