Quality performance in the Immigration Appeal Division - 2021 to 2022: Summary report



​​ ​ ​   ​ Below expectations 
​​​​ ​ ​   ​ ​Meets ​expectations 
​ ​   ​​ Exceeds expectations

Overall performance

70 cases reviewed | 36 indicators across 7 themes

Overall performance graph
Text format – Overall performance​
Percentage of cases that met or exceeded expectations: 97%3% Below expectations97% Meets or exceeds expectations

Performance by theme

Performance by theme graph
Text format – Performance by theme
Timely and complete pre-proceeding readiness5% Below expectations95% Meets expectations0% Exceeds expectations
Fair and respectful proceedings1% Below expectations89% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations
Focused Proceedings2% Below expectations86% Meets expectations12% Exceeds expectations
Reasons state conclusions on all determinative issues2% Below expectations90% Meets expectations8% Exceeds expectations
Decisions provide findings and analysis necessary to justify conclusions 3% Below expectations91​% Meets expectations6% Exceeds expectations
Reasons are transparent and intelligible
13% Below expectations77% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations
​​Virtual hearings processes
0% Below expectations90% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations

Performance by region

Performance by region graph
Text format – Performance by region
Eastern region (20 hearings)
5% Below expectations90% Meets expectations5% Exceeds expectations
Central region (31 hearings)
2% Below expectations89% Meets expectations9% Exceeds expectations
Western region (19 hearings)
2% Below expectations86% Meets expectations12% Exceeds expectations

Top performing indicators

Top performing indicators
Text format – Top performing indicators
The member manages challenging situations as they arise
78% Meets expectations22% Exceeds expectations
The member narrows the issues for final representations
84% Meets expectations16% Exceeds expectations
The member identifies when the evidence has not adequately addressed an important issue as identified by the member and asks questions of clarification
90% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations
The member's questioning is relevant in relation to the issues identified in the hearing agenda or issues identified in the course of the hearing
95% Meets expectations5% Exceeds expectations
The member identifies legislation, rules, regulations, Jurisprudential Guides, Chairperson’s Guidelines or persuasive decisions where appropriate
100% Meets expectations
The member's questioning is focused and organized
100% Meets expectations

Lowest performing indicators

Lowest performing indicators
Text format – Lowest performing indicato​rs
The file contains all required information and documents
9% Below expectations91% Meets expectations
The member gives appropriately clear and concise reasons
14% Below expectations76% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations
Reasons are easily understood and logically sequenced
23​% Below expectations67% Meets expectations10% Exceeds expectations


The hearings in the sample were proportionally representative of the general population for region and language.

While the majority of the IAD’s finalizations are reserved for written decisions, the sample focused on oral decisions. Residency obligation cases are over-represented in the sample as they have a higher rate of oral decisions. The next quality review will have a greater focus on written decisions.

For further information and a full report on data contained in this summary report please see: Quality Performance in the Immigration Appeal Division 2021-22: Report of results.