Evaluation of Member Training—Management Response and Action Plan (MRAP)

​​RecommendationResponseAction Plan—Actions to be taken to address the recommendationAccountableTarget Date
N/AManagement Proposal

A National Member Learning Strategy will be developed to define roles and responsibilities for divisions, the Member Learning Secretariat (MLS), and the MLS Governance Committee; and to set standards around streamlined, comprehensive reporting on IRB member learning, including requirements around the annual training plan produced by each division.

Deputy Chairs (RPD, RAD, ID, IAD), MLSMarch 2022
1. Strengthen the oversight and direction for member trainingAccept

National committees: Each division already has or is strengthening its national committee to oversee member adjudicative learning. Each committee’s composition and reporting relationship will vary to reflect each division’s learning needs but respect the twin pillars of a national perspective and accountability to IRB leadership. In addition, a national training secretariat (the MLS) with a strategic and national view has been established to provide coordination support and tools to enhance consistency in member learning planning and delivery across the IRB.

Identify learning needs: Learning needs are being identified within each division. MLS to support the divisions in designing and implementing a systematic process that will allow them to consistently identify member training needs.

Mentoring: Deputy Chairpersons to implement, within their respective divisions, a consistent approach to the assignment of mentors for new members and define the scope of the mentor role.

Personal learning plans: As part of the annual performance evaluation process, Assistant Deputy Chairpersons and coordinating members work with their assigned members to develop personal professional development plans that address identified needs for further training and development.

Deputy Chairs (RPD, RAD, ID, IAD), MLSMarch 2022
2. Improve the support for the planning, design, and delivery of training programsAccept

Adult learning support: All divisions have access to senior adult learning advisors experienced in working with professional audiences through the MLS. The RPD also has certified trainers in the learning approach used for that division’s new member training program. Divisions and MLS will continue to ensure that the recommended divisional training and professional development activities are implemented under the lens of adult learning principles.

Administrative support: MLS will continue to ensure that clerical/administrative support to enable the timely production of training materials is available to those developing and delivering training. Divisions and MLS will continue to ensure that materials used in training are translated in a timely manner.

Repository: MLS is responsible for implementing an information management process to retain training and professional development materials for follow-up access by members and/or for repeat delivery.

Deputy Chairs (RPD, RAD, ID, IAD), MLSMarch 2022
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of current adjudicative training for membersAccept

Monitoring and evaluating member training: MLS will lead the development and implementation of standard feedback surveys for each learning activity that it supports, and will conduct periodic follow-up surveys regarding members’ satisfaction with the training. Divisions will monitor to what extent the training programs are contributing to divisional performance.

Review new training: The organization will undertake a formal review of the effectiveness of the divisions’ respective new member training curricula (with adult learning principles in mind).

Online Training: MLS to commission a study to:

  1. Identify best practices in utilizing online technologies to provide training and education for IRB members as a complement to existing face-to-face methods, and in conjunction with current and planned corporate learning tools;
  2. recommend a suitable approach to the application of online methods to the IRB’s member training and professional development.
Deputy Chairs (RPD, RAD, ID, IAD), ED, MLSMarch 2023
4. Address unmet training needsAccept

Enhanced training approaches: Divisional training and ongoing professional development committees will incorporate plans for developing and delivering enhanced adjudicative curriculum to better equip members to conduct hearings, make decisions, and manage their caseloads and workflows. The MLS will continue to ensure enhanced training tools and improved learning and training delivery approaches are shared and made available to the divisions.

Deputy Chairs (RPD, RAD, ID, IAD), MLSCompleted

Please note: no updates will be provided on this MRAP as all member training commitments and reporting will be incorporated into the National Member Learning Strategy, which will require regular updates and reporting.​