2020-21 main and supplementary estimates

​​Key Messages

  • The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) 2020-21 Main Estimates total $279 million. This amount includes $140 million in temporary funding.
  • The IRB had no items in the 2020-21 Supplementary Estimates A.
  • The 2020-21 Supplementary Estimates B includes $2 million for IT systems interoperability. This funding was provided as part of Budget 2019, to the interoperability of IT systems amongst asylum system partner departments. Another $2 million has been earmarked for next fiscal to be accessed through the 2021-22 Main Estimates.
  • The July Economic Update has earmarked $150 million annually for two years as extension to Budget 2019.


  • The IRB’s 2020-21 financial authorities total $286 million, comprised of the $279 million included in the Main Estimates, the $2 million included in the Supplementary Estimates B, plus $5 million unspent funding brought forward from 2019-20 through the Operating Budget Carry Forward. 
  • The $140 million in temporary funding in 2020-21 is net of approximately $10 million temporary funding allocated to Public Services and Procurement Canada, and Shared Services Canada to provide the IRB with accommodations and IT infrastructure services.
  • As result of the COVID-19 pandemic and limited sessions in the spring for Parliament to study the Estimates, the Standing Orders of the House of Commons were amended to extend the study period into the Fall. Consequently, departments have been approved for partial release of their Main Estimates. For the IRB, $196 million has been released so far with the balance expected to be released by December 2020.
  • It has been determined that the $196 million is sufficient to manage the IRB’s cash requirements through December 2020.
2019-20 Expenditures (millions)2020-21 Planned authorities (millions)2021-22 Planned Authorities (millions)2022-23 Planned authorities (millions)
Adjudication of Immigration and Refugee CasesRefugee Protection $81.0$120.1$124.2$120.0
Refugee Appeal$28.2$47.1$51.7$50.0
Immigration Appeal$17.9$20.7$20.3$20.3
Admissibility Hearings and Detention Reviews$12.1$12.2$12.0$12.0
Internal ServicesInternal Services$61.2$86.1$68.7$59.2
Human Resources (FTEs)*Human Resources (FTEs)*Human Resources (FTEs)*Human Resources (FTEs)*
Adjudication of Immigration and Refugee CasesRefugee Protection (Decision Making)220305305305
Refugee Appeal (Decision Making)103119131131
Immigration Appeal (Decision Making)46474747
Admissibility Hearings and Detention Reviews (Decision Making)33333333
Adjudication Support Services8869601,1211,089
Sub-total Adjudication of Immigration and refugee Cases1,2881,4641,6371,605
Internal ServicesInternal Services304412458458

FTEs: Full-time equivalents