Health and safety measures


​​​​​​​​What you can expect to see​ at IRB offices across the country. These measures are set in place consistently across all IRB offices, for your health and safety as per the Canadian public health guidelines.​​


​​​National Capital region

344 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario​​​

​ ​​​​

Western region

300 West Georgia Street, Suite 1600, Vancouver, British Columbia​

  • Upon arrival on the 18th floor, you must report to the screening station near the commissionaire’s desk behind plexiglass. The public seating is blocked off. There are hand washing and 2-metre physical distancing signs in the common areas.
  • Near the elevator lobby, there is a screening station with a hand sanitizer and 2-metre physical distancing sign to remind you to wash your hands before and after accessing the public areas.
  • Upon arrival on the 18th floor in our Vancouver location, there will be blocked off public seating, 2-metre physical distancing and hand washing signs. Disposable cups have been provided near fountains. You’re encouraged to use a cup as part of the new health and safety measures in place.
  • On each floor and outside public spaces including, hearing rooms, there are hand washing signs and 2-metre physical distancing markings along the corridor floor.
  • Inside a large public hearing room on the 16th floor, the public seating is blocked off and there is plexiglass installed on tables, behind the bench and hand sanitizer on tables.
  • In a large public hearing room on the 16th floor, there are two opposing tables across from the Member’s bench with hand sanitizer available on the tables.
  • Inside a public hearing room on the 18th floor, there is a round table set up with the public seating blocked off, hand sanitizer and plexiglass installed on tables, along with new health and safety signs on the floor and walls.