Elimination of duplicate Refugee Protection Division notice and reasons of decision

The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) is committed to finding efficiencies in its procedures and eliminating duplication in the volume of paper that is filed in appeals.

Therefore, effective 10 September 2018, the Division is relieving an appellant of the requirement described in RAD rule 3(3)(a) and RAD Rule 9(2)(a) to provide a copy of:

  • the notice of decision and the written reasons for the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) decision that you are appealing;

In addition, the Division reminds appellants to not submit any document that was accepted as evidence at the RPD. Examples of the latter are the basis of claim (BOC) form, and documents from the National Documentation Package (NDP).

The RPD provides the RAD with a copy of every document that was entered into evidence at the RPD.

Paula Thompson
Acting Deputy Chair
Refugee Appeal Division