Policy Note: Notice of Revocation of Persuasive Decision TA6-07453

On May 8, 2008, the former Deputy Chairperson of the Refugee Protection Division identified the decision in TA6-07453, dated 26 November 2007, as a persuasive decision in regard to claimants from Mexico seeking protection due to their fear that the Mexican state is unable to protect them from criminality by common criminals because of corruption within the police. The reasons cite the documentary evidence which relates to state protection and conclude with a finding that for such claimants, adequate state protection is available.

Over time, the evidence upon which that decision is based may have ceased to be  current, and the reasoning in that decision, based on the evidence, may no longer have persuasive value relevant to more recent claims. As of the date of this Notice, the designation of that decision as a persuasive decision is revoked.

Ross Pattee, Deputy Chairperson
Refugee Protection Division
November 7, 2014