Refugee Claims - Counsel

All claims for protection made within Canada are referred for a hearing by the Refugee Protection Division.

Obligations of legal representatives before the Board

Counsel representing claimants before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) must meet certain requirements.

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Other important forms that support a claim

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Act, Regulations and Rules

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Policy Instruments

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National Documentation Packages (NDP)


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Expedited Policy – Designation of New CountryThe Refugee Protection Division has designated refugee claims from Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, and Yemen as eligible for expedited processing.
The IRB Moves Forward on Case-Related Information Management and TrackingThe IRB is in the process of implementing a vision and strategy called the NOVA Continuous Improvement Program (NCIP) to ensure a secure, reliable, and efficient case-management tool for all four tribunals.
Refugee Protection Division Member Recruitment CampaignThe RPD has a need to staff multiple RPD member positions (current and anticipated vacancies) at our Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver offices.
New Medical Certificate Form for Refugee Claimants before the Refugee Protection Division (RPD)The Medical Certificate form is available for use by claimants before the RPD who were unable or will be unable, for medical reasons, to attend a hearing or submit a BOC form on time.