In order to make the immigration appeal process simpler, faster and more efficient, the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) is testing new ways of managing immigration appeals. It has launched a number of pilot projects in the regions. If, in the assessment of the pilots, it is determined that one or more of these initiatives would help the IAD achieve its goals of processing appeals more efficiently, they will be adopted as part of the regular IAD process. The following initiatives are now in progress:

Remote Testimony by Videoconference Pilot

In March 2017, the IAD will be launching a six-month Remote Testimony by Videoconference Pilot project in its Central (Toronto) regional office to provide counsel with the opportunity to use videoconferencing services for appellants, applicants or other witnesses who testify in selected sponsorship or residency obligation appeals.

Express Triage Pilot

In November 2016, the IAD launched the Express Triage Pilot project in its Central (Toronto) and Western (Vancouver) regional offices as an alternative model to the early informal resolution (EIR) process. The objective of this six‑month pilot is to reduce delays in the early stages of the appeal process. To achieve this objective, the pilot will test whether it is more efficient in certain circumstances for parties to meet face‑to‑face for an Express Triage Conference than to proceed with appeals in writing. The IAD will seek to determine through the Express Triage Conference whether the appeal can be resolved or moved through the appeal process more quickly. This pilot will also assess whether these conferences result in a more accurate streaming of cases into the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

Email Pilot

In November 2016, the IAD launched a 12‑month Email Pilot project in its Western (Vancouver) regional office, which uses email rather than regular mail as a means of sending and receiving appeal documents. The objective of this pilot is to phase in a more efficient and timely way for the IAD and parties to communicate.