2011‑12 Part III - Departmental Performance Report

Internal Audits and Evaluations

A. Internal Audits in 2011-12

Internal Audits
Name of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Status Completion Date
IRB Backlog / RPD Backlog Reduction Initiative Audit engagement Completed 2011-12
Governance and Strategic Direction / OCG Horizontal Audit of Compliance with the Policy on Management Resources and Results Structures (MRRS) Audit engagement Completed 2011-12
Case Management and Adjudicative Support Process (RPD) Review engagement Completed 2011-12
Follow-up Audit on IRB Regional Offices Audit engagement In progress 2012-13
Case Management and Adjudicative Support Process (IAD and ID) Review engagement In progress 2012-13

B. Evaluations in 2011-12

Name of Evaluation Program Activity Status Completion Date
Performance measurement of quality decisions Admissibility Hearings and Detention Reviews Completed 2011-12
Immigration Appeal Completed 2011-12
Refugee Protection Planned 2013-14
Three-year horizontal evaluation of reformed asylum system (led by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, to which the IRB is considering a complementary independent evaluation) Refugee Protection Planned 2015-16
Refugee Appeal Planned 2015-16